Ergonomic Assessments & Training


The transition towards a ‘Work from Anywhere’ economy has only amplified the critical importance of ergonomics for companies around Australia and, as the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Why is ergonomics important?

Ergonomics is fundamentally important for numerous reasons.

In the first instance, a well supported employee is a happier one. Next, discomfort and pain are clearly not conducive to productivity. Then, of course, there is the risk management component.

The most common types of ‘time loss’ injuries in Australia are muscle strains / sprains and, in office environments, these are often attributable to the cumulative effects of poor ergonomics.

Consider the length of time we each spend in our work environment. Then think about the number of repetitive tasks/movements we undertake. It is inevitable that problems will arise if preventative strategies aren’t implemented.

What ergonomics services do you offer?

At Portable Health, we can conduct individual ergonomic assessments, group ergonomic training, comprehensive office audits, and anything in between.

Who provides your ergonomics services?

Our expert ergonomic consultants are physiotherapists or exercise physiologists with extensive training in human biomechanics, perfectly positioned to effectively improve workstation setups.

How do we book an ergonomic assessment?

Call us on 1300 380 999 today to book an assessment or find out more. We provide ergonomic services in the Newcastle, Hunter & Central Coast regions.